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2019 in Movies: Passed, Currently Playing And Upcoming.

2019 has proved itself to be a year of surprises, cheers, tears and box office destroyers, the year was forecasted to have record braking releases and we got that and then some, and we are only half way through it. From the most superhero movies released in one year to granting all the wishes of a true movie nerd, and the best is yet to come, so we thought to celebrate this year in films by looking back on what the first months gave us, what is currently playing and what is yet to come. Excitement is the word of the day after you see this list of 2019 in movies.

Before we go into it, a little disclaimer, this list is only valid during the time it was written, and it will be updated as the year progresses. 

Movies That Had Their Run:


With superhero movies taking themselves seriously, Shazam! Is a cool winter breeze, showing the fun side of a superhero adventure by giving the lead to a teenage foster kid with an ability to change to an adult figure superhero with powers beyond his comprehension, directed by Annabelle: Creation’s David Sandberg and starring Zachery Levi.

  –Hellboy (2019)

A hard reboot of the popular Hellboy franchise that ran 2 movies, 2004 and 2008, the reboot brought an all around fresh faces in front and behind the camera, with Stranger Things’ David Harbour and Resident Evil franchise Queen Mila Jovovich, with Neil Marshall directing.

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