Every Warner Bros.’ Official DC Slate Upcoming Movies

Warner Bros. Pictures has several DC Comics based movies, some are animated and others are live-action, and for their live-action lineup, most of them are a part of the continuing  DC Extended Universe, the DCEU for short was launched by Zack Snyder’s BvS (Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice) in 2016, a sequel-ish to his 2013 Man of Steel, and that’s only in the shared universe, as W.B. have standalone movies that will not take place within the shared universe.

So far W.B. has 7 DCEU Comics related movies under its belt, – Man of Steel, Batman V Superman, Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman, Justice League, Aquaman and, still in theaters, Shazam! – and it’s been a roller-coaster when it comes to the critical and commercial response to these movies, from an all-out negative attacks from critics and fans, to being surprisingly positive  with movies such as Wonder Woman and Aquaman. But things are looking up for DC Films.

Walter Hamada, known for producing IT and The Conjuring among other known projects will take the helm of supervising this ever growing DC Extended Universe with all its corners, and will be joined also with Chantal Nong as VP of DC production. And there are a lot of Projects that are being developed at W.B. and only a few have made it to the official slate, to be released or start production these upcoming years.

Joker – October 4, 2019

The Joker will directed by The Hangover’s Todd Philips, and won’t be a part of the ongoing DCEU, and will be an 80s set movie, where Joaquin Phoenix plays the Joker, Martin Scorsese is set to produce since this movie have elements of his 1982 satirical film called The king of Comedy, and it’s going to be an origin story for Batman’s greatest archenemy, Joker, although Bruce Wayne is But a child during the events of this movie, from what’s been released to the public it seems that the joker is provoking riots in Gotham City wearing his classic clown make-up.

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