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HBO’s Watchmen Drop Teaser Trailer For Fans

HBO’s take on the superhero genre has arrived with a trailer for Damon Lindelof’s Watchmen and it does make us reminisce on the original Alan Moore’s graphic novel by the same name.

And it’s not going to be like the Zack Snyder’s 2009 Watchmen that pictured the original graphic novel panel for panel, which focuses on vigilantes from another United States that worked for the government during the Cold War, but Lindelof’s tale does occur in the same universe as Moor’s where one of the main characters Rorschach has ushered a new era of superheroes or Costumed vigilantes, and this new iteration of superheroes will be present in Lindelof’s story.

The teaser does show us the difference between what Moore Already achieved with his 1986 masterpiece and its direct Snyder’s adaptation and Lindelof’s vision of the story, yet it does reference main characters like The Comedian and Ozymandias, just not how the graphic novel’s fans recall them.

No premiere date for HBO’s Watchmen has been announced, but it is set to do so later this year.