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Marvel Studios Official Phase 4 Movies Announcements & Release Dates

Folks!!! It’s official Marvel has dropped its Phase 4 bomb on the fans, with variety of movies and series with release dates, after more than a decade of filmmaking, the MCU reached its climax with Avenger: Endgame that wrapped up the epic Infinity Saga, a saga that wrapped up the adventures of the original six, […]

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Confirmed Post Avenger: Endgame Marvel Movies To Be Released

Just because Avengers: Endgame is wrapping up the 11 year run of the MCU, doesn’t necessarily mean that Marvel Studios will stop making these billion dollar grossing blockbusters. But as usual the secrecy is top notch with Visionary Kevin Feige at the helm, confirming that no Phase 4 movie announcement will be made until after […]


Marvel’s ‘Black Widow’ To Reportedly Start Filming In February

Since the beginning of 2019 Marvel Studios’ fans been wondering about the slate of 2020 that put projects like The Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.3 on hiatus and no news of upcoming movies in that same year. but recently we have learned that Marvel is giving what the fans been asking for, A solo Black […]