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The 15 Most Powerful Characters In The Marvel Universe

The MCU is but a fraction of the entirety of the Marvel Universe with more than 8000 Characters and 8000 more iterations of those character’s, the Marvel Universe is filled with extraordinary and powerful characters. so powerful that they escape logic and comprehension.
and we are here to present you with out list for the most powerful characters in the Marvel Comic Book Universe.

15. Vulcan

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Emperor Vulcan or Gabriel Summers, the brother of Scott Summers AKA Cyclops, is an element bending omega level mutant, that can manipulate energy and all it’s kind and magic at the same time. to demonstrate how powerful he is, the Emperor of Shi’ar, Vulcan once fought the X-men, Inhumans and Starjammers simultaneously.

14. Skaar

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In an different reality of the marvel universe, Skaar is the Son of The Hulk, even more powerful than his father, so much so he sent the mighty Juggernaut to space with a single blow that cracked his armor. surviving falls from space comes with package, and healing factor that will put Wolverine’s to shame.

13. Odin

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Thor’s father King Odin is the strongest immortal Asgardian, he has the ability to control variety of magic powers, and an ability to absorb all his fellow Asgardians’ into his to give him an energy boost like no other energy drink can.

12. Hercules

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Hercules, the son of Zeus sits on the throne of the strongest physical attribute in the Marvel universe, overpowering Thor and Hulk, where he once took the island of Manhattan in a stroll, like a 99,000,000,000 ton puppy. atop of that he can hold his own against cosmic blasts and can survive the vacuum of space without equipment.

11. Grandmaster

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The Grandmaster is one of the ancient cosmic beings, immortal with supernatural abilities, utterly intelligent with power beyond measure, and also comes with the bonus plan of bringing back the dead.

10. Galactus

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Galactus AKA Devourer of Worlds, have a craving for planets, and to pursue such hunger he possesses enormous cosmic power,knowledge and technology. and he takes a human form if a human is looking at him and a Groot form if a Groot is looking at him and so on.

9. Magus

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Magus, Adam Warlock’s father is an immortal being with power that goes toe to toe with those of Galactus, with shape-shifting abilities and can teleport instantly, but his abilities can differ in power depending which form he takes. with his abilities maxed out he can fruit chop a star.

8. Mikaboshi

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Mikaboshi is a metaphysical being known to the Japanese folk as the God of evil and chaos, even powerful than Odin himself, with powers that goes from reality bending all the way down to shape-shifting abilities.

7. Cyttorak

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Cyttorak is the ruler of the Crimson Cosmos, and it’s the most powerful magical entity in the Marvel Universe where he is the source of power for the chosen magicians, naming one Doctor Strange.

6. Phoenix Force

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Phoenix Force is an existence within the cosmos of the Marvel Universe that represents the force of life, and it takes many hosts along the comic book pages, most notably Jean Grey, Rachel Grey, Emma Frost and Professor X at one point. even Glactus fell a victim to the firry hands of the Phoenix Force, and it can absorb energy weather it’s a living being’s life force or a star’s.

5. Franklin Richards

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appearing for the first time in Fantastic Four Annual #6 (1968) , Franklin Richards, the son of one invisible woman and Mr. Fantastic. Franklin is an Omega-level mutant with the power to alter reality and control the fundamental attributes of the known universe. even said that his powers matches the Celestials’. and one can argue the he might be the strongest Mutant to ever exist.

4. Eternity

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The fourth sibling of Death, Oblivion, and twin to Infinity, Eternity is time itself taking shape, passing Galactus in power he can reshape space, time and reality. and he first appeared in Strange Tales #138.

3. Living Tribunal

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The living Tribunal is the brain child of the recently deceased comic book legend Stan The Man Lee along side Marie Severin and Herb Trimpe. this being is powerful than Thanos with his precious gauntlet. his abilities are without boundaries, erasing realities from existence, and that’s funny being defeated only by none other than The Beyonder himself.

2. Beyonder

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Having Marvel Universe’s metaphysical beings at his feet, like The Celestials, The Living Tribunal and other Supreme Cosmic Beings, Beyonder is almost an omnipotent entity. he first appeared in Secret Wars #1. the only one that powers are above Beyonder’s is One-Above-All.

1. One-Above-All

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And finally the most powerful character in the Marvel Universe ever, standing above all other as it is represented in his name, One-Above-All, only popped up in the comics a handful of times, and when he does appear he takes a different form than the last, and he is said to represent the creators of Marvel and he even once took the form of legendary Jack kirby. he first appeared in Doctor Strange #13. The One-Above-All is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent.