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The Best 10 Movies On Hulu

Unlike Netflix, Hulu Didn’t go for the quantity choice on its platform, and went for quality, and today we bring you the 10 best movies on Hulu’s streaming service. While Netflix has this ever-growing library of shows, Hulu went the opposite way with a batch of well-chosen flicks, Because quality triumphs over quantity.

From Academy awarded films like Apollo 13 to pure entertainment weekend flicks like Terminator 2, Hulu stay focused on its choices to have something for everyone on the platform. Next are the best 10 movies that you can check out on Hulu.

Before we dive in, first a disclaimer, streaming libraries are always changing, and the list we are about to bring are available at the time of writing, and we ll do our best to update this list frequently, also this list isn’t ranked worst to best, so the number doesn’t express the movie’s quality in comparison to others on this list. It’s merely a list of 10 movies on Hulu.

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