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Watch Every Trailer Released In SDCC 2019 Right Here (Updated)

2019’s San Diego Comic-Con is like always an event filled with fan service, being one of the biggest of the year, it represents a chance to the networks, studios to hold a show of their own to drop trailers, first footage, concept art and QA sessions at Comic-Con. With Warner Bros. and company skipping this […]

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2019 in Movies: Passed, Currently Playing And Upcoming.

2019 has proved itself to be a year of surprises, cheers, tears and box office destroyers, the year was forecasted to have record braking releases and we got that and then some, and we are only half way through it. From the most superhero movies released in one year to granting all the wishes of […]

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The Best 10 Movies On Hulu

Unlike Netflix, Hulu Didn’t go for the quantity choice on its platform, and went for quality, and today we bring you the 10 best movies on Hulu’s streaming service. While Netflix has this ever-growing library of shows, Hulu went the opposite way with a batch of well-chosen flicks, Because quality triumphs over quantity. From Academy […]