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Why Every Superhero Needs A Love Interest

Superhero sagas are the creator’s way of telling and dealing with his culture’s everyday life convoluted in colorful costumes and pages. if a superhero had problems getting to school on time everyday, then somehow managed that and saving the day, it will make him relatable to the everyday watcher. and having a love interest is one the things that humanizes a fictional character, due to the fact that his feelings are indeed uncontrollable as much as the next guy. it maybe his reason for happiness or agony. that’s why i came today to showcase why superheroes need a love interest by demonstrating some of the well known superheroes on page and screen alike.

Batman and Talia Al Ghul

Batman and Talia Al Ghul’s relationship is one of the most complicated ones there is. due to the fact that they can’t keep their hands off each other in both senses, the romantic sense and the killing each other sense. and this particular love interest, teaches Batman that no matter how much you care about someone, they still obtain the ability to stab you in the back in a way unimaginable. Batman had some of this toxic relationships several times on the page. But Talia remains there to remind Batman to keep certain people at bay even if you they are important to you.

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Aquaman and Mera

Aquaman and Mera are yet to have their deserved time in the spotlight in the DCEU. but that are just a matter of time now with Aquaman’s massive success, their relationship is duty bound, where Mera is a princess/warrior/leader of her own kingdom and Arthur Curry is a surface dweller with Atlantian blood, and a royal one that is. their relationship is important to Arthur but at the same time is a reminder that duty to your country comes before love, where if Arthur wants to be with Mera, he’ll have to take the responsibilities of the king of Atlantis that he shies from throughout the movie.

Spider-Man and M.J

Michelle didn’t play a big part in Spider-Man: Homecoming other than the fact that she made fans gasp, when she told Peter Parker that her friends call her MJ. which will set her as the next incarnation of one Mary Jane Watson even though she might not bare that particular name, she will be filling her shoes as Spider-Man’s love interest for the next installment, Spider-Man: Far From Home. MJ was always Peter’s Rock, presenting herself as the classic love interest, supporting the hero in his everyday struggles alongside pushing him to new heights he didn’t know he can reach. and that seems to be the idea with Michelle in the next chapter of Parker’s chronicles. where we will see him focus more on his personal life and Michelle or face an enemy that can have them both destroyed. like we grow up to knew Spider-Man’s endeavors were always those of balance, where MJ helps him achieve that balance by accepting himself as a superhero and an everyday Joe.

Superman and Lois Lane

The love story of Superman and Lois Lane is one of the oldest drawn on comic book page, Lois Lane’s character is there showcasing two aspects of superman’s persona, one pushing him to beyond his limits in order to save his loved ones, where he once flew back in time to the time where Lois Lane is still alive just to save her from her inevitable death, and on the other hand she managed to humanize an alien that looks like human, but his emotional capacity are vastly different than one. and he eventually shows that he capable of caring for her just as much as an earthly human can to another. which concludes to the moral that love is the main criteria of how humane are we and not the whereabouts of our birth.

And thus we conclude that the superhero is also in need of a love interest, whether it’s there to be a shoulder to lean on in time of need, or to guide him through his ups and downs as a hero that people look up to. and also the love interest is crucial for the development of the story and the hero.