After we had the good news last October that World War Z 2 was moving forward with production starting in June 2019. now it’s reported that the sequel is officially dead.

The Playlist reported that Paramount pulled the plug on World War Z 2, that had both Brad Pitt and Director David Fincher set to comeback for the sequel.

As it’s been reported, Money was one of the main issues, even though Fincher and his team was willing to take a budget cut, which means less than $190 million that paramount put to make the original.

Playlist also said that Brad Pitt was upset about this decision, since he convinced David Fincher to comeback for a sequel.

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The killer blow to this sequel was never offered by the site. but hints were dropped, since Paramount give a green light to 2 Chris McQuarrie Mission Impossible movies can be a factor, and other Paramount franchises not cashing out like The Transformers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

The original World War Z brought over $540 million at the box office, which built him a reasonable fan base, and with the right ingredients, it could have been an even bigger success than the first.

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