X-Force, Gambit, & Doctor Doom Reportedly Shelved

Now that Disney/Fox acquisition is underway, future projects like X-force, Gambit and Doctor Doom all been shelved. This deal will finalize in March. And in consequence all the fox properties such as The X-men, The Fantastic Four and their Marvel related characters will return to the Marvel studios allowing Kevin Fiege to use them in The MCU.

But also as result of this deal, Dark Pheonix and New Mutants will be the final two Marvel movies from Fox. And other projects that are still in development at Fox like 2017 announced Doctor Doom movie and the Channing Tatum starring Gambit and lastly the Deadpool spinoff X-Force are been put to a halt.

And later after the announcement of said projects to be shelved, Daniel Ritchman shared on Twiter this announcement alongside noting that the Deadpool spinoff may yet be on the table which Deadpool creator Rob liefeld backed up in his twitter account.

From a development standing point it makes sense that the Dr. Doom and Gambit project be halted, since they didn’t make headway for some time now. Also the fact that classic X-men characters will be tricky to integrate at this point in the MCU, it is understandable to just stop everything for a reassessment.

However this is not the deal with X-Force since it’s a spinoff to the highly successful Deadpool franchise. If we considered the profits that such spinoff could drag in. so it remains a possibility under the roof of Disney.